The time now is How do you rate this document? How do I un-install it before installing windows? I believe you will find the readme tells you that you will get this error if you dont uninstall one of the audio drivers before you install 3. I had to repair my computer a couple of weeks back, and a consequence of the repairment was that I had to get a new hard drive. Udated TPkd driver required PT7.

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Updated TPkd driver required? When you launch Pro Tools you should no longer receive the “Initialization Error Find all posts by badluck Find all posts by DigiTechSupt. Send a private message to AbjectEvolution. When this problem happens you may see the following error or some variation:. You will need to delete them all. Tue, Jan 27 7: What is the tkpd driver?

Thanks for you help guys. All Types of Documents.


Find all posts by bunderson. This software requires istallation of device Driver TPkd and a reboot before running.

Page 1 of 1 6 items. I cannot activate the database after an Interplay upgrade. What’s Hot Upgrading the Avid shared storage client from a. I just reinstalled Avid MC and updated all the way to the newest 3.

Why do I get a message ” or ‘DAE Stubbed’?

How to change an iNews system name. Switch to Threaded Mode. Find all posts by AbjectEvolution. After clicking “ok” a second time, it says this “Unable to locate M-Audio hardware.

Therefore, I wanted to install the software tpod the new functioning hard drive to get working with my equipment. Latest post Mon, Feb 21 7: Updated TPkd driver required error.

All Types of Documents. To do this click on “Start” and select “Run”.

Send a private message to DigiTechSupt. Tue, Jan 27 6: Does it have anything to do with Pro Tools not seing my M-Audio soundcard?


Initialization Error – Updated TPkd driver required and reboot

If that works, then you need to go through your Plug-ins folder and determine which plug-ins are tppkd or incompatible and either update them or remove them. What’s Hot Upgrading the Avid shared storage client from a. The first step is tkd move your entire Plug-ins folder to the desktop or to the Plug-ins Unused folder and relaunch Pro Tools. I found the file and am working on remeding this situation.

User Name Remember Me? Why do I get a message ‘Initialization Error: You need the driver package located here.