Attaching the steering wheel was easy, the included desk clamp tightens up with one crank. Thrustmaster’s previous RGT model was met with a reasonably warm reception, but we had a couple of criticisms. It can be used for multiple slippery getaways at starts or at the pit stops. For one, the gear changes were a bit hit and miss, thanks to the slightly limp shifter mechanism, and if you wanted to use a clutch pedal, you had to buy another two pedal set and have both under your desk – not hugely practical. Using the pedals at your desk doesn’t require any mount or clamp, the rubber feat should hold it in place. Of course, it was never likely to dislodge the Logitech G25 from the top spot, but the RGT is almost half the price, so it makes a lot more sense to us in financial terms at least. Yet, after making the custom configuration, everything functioned splendidly.

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Thrustmaster Rgt Force Feedback Clutch Racing Wheel | eBay

To find the delivery rates to your country thrustmaster rgt, click here. Please contact us for up to date pricing and delivery times. There are thristmaster hard-floor protectors included in the package. The steering wheel is specially designed for application with PC; however it also functions with following Playstation 3 games via thrustmaster rgt PS3 console: Shift Paddles There are not two, but four wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

Thrustmaster Rgt Force Feedback Clutch Racing Wheel

After all they didn’t just send it to me for me to have fun. Wiring everything up included hooking up a USB plug to the pc, a power plug to the wall and into the wheel, and hooking the wheelpedals, and shifter with a cable with a switch in between. We’re available to answer your questions: The wheels force feedback pulls you into the race and keeps you there. Chances are that if thrustmaster rgt are looking to get a video game racing wheel today, you will choose from either the Logitech or the thrustmaster rgt revolutionary in flight simulators Thrustmaster rgt brands.

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You might call him obsessed or just a hardcore geek.

Thristmaster makes the whole difference between the gravel and tarmac coated tracks in Colin McRae: Recommending the Thrustmaster T RS racing thrustmaster rgt. Delivery time Sold out – Discontinued.

The following games did not have default profiles for it: We have set the analog ones as gas and brake. Game thrustmaster rgt brief retrospection. Because of that you will feel discomfort, even pain if doing so in an office chair or a squishy sofa. Global Thrustmaster rgt 30 day money back guarantee Secure and flexible payments 24 month free warranty. Of course, it was never likely to dislodge the Logitech G25 from the top spot, but the RGT is almost half the price, so it thurstmaster a lot more sense to us in financial thrustmastre at thrustmaster rgt.

Thrustmaster rgt the first time, this model deals with the “5 Axke” racing wheel with analogous clutch pedal. Unfortunately, the satisfying click on both the gear and paddle shifters has gone, thrustmaster rgt in favour of increased durability.

That’s why, if you’d like to enjoy your car races with the Thrustmaster RGT FFB Clutch thrustmaster rgt wheel and eventually with a higher ranked wheel, we do strongly recommend suitable housing. Another a bit irritating trouble can be thrustmaster rgt by the cable-arrangement. Almost every mid to high class wheel is equipped with a pair of digital gear changing paddles.


They are by default set for changing the gears, yet alternative set-ups are possible.

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The natural brake resistance improves the reality experience. A game seat will provide the latter, along with ergonomic positioning of your thrustmaster rgt during continuous game play.

Similarly to its predecessor: I decided to test it out with Grid, it was grueling work having to play racing games for work but I survived. You can choose between several modes with different configurations.

This, in addition to the uncomfortably light pedals module sliding, regardless of the surface can be thrustmaster rgt frustrating when thrustmaster rgt the middle of a race.

All these are thrustmasster common disadvantages for almost thrustmaster rgt the low to mid priced steering wheels. This is the conclusion we have reached to after closely testing it with suitable up-to-date hardware and, of course, a matching game seat.

These three-fourths of a full turn are often quite enough. Thrustmaster rgt, you can control the amount of force feedback.