Thanks fpr the link. The find option allows for City, Address, Feature Points of Interest along with intersection and waypoint. These options are grayed out depending on your navigation status. You can select each tab by using the mouse or with an F key. Status Page Compass Shows speed, heading, elevation as well as guidance text. Next Maneuver This button will preview your next turn in the route.

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GPS receiver (G with USB interface) not recogniced by Garmin nRoute software – u-blox forum

Route Toolbar Stop Route You can stop navigating the route, but software will continue to show your location and create a track log. I will further Research Garmin forums. No blue bars in GPS info of navigation software which indicate a fix, but there is a fix. Favorite Finds You can save and manage specific addresses or points of interest that you frequently want to navigate to. Has anybody else seen this problem and solved it?

I found it similar to use as in MapSource and quite easy to select the particular location I wanted to navigate to. Map Orientation This allows you to switch between North up and Track up.


Routes must be created using points of interest, addresses or waypoints. This will keep your location or vehicle on the map at all times.

Updates & Downloads

May need to zoom the map to desired scale. You can select between one or the other in the Preferences, under the Display tab.

This review is only for English. Nroutw fpr the link. What is the “G”? However, in our archives you can download nRoute here These options are grayed out depending on your navigation status.

Toggle navigation Forum Navigation. Find Toolbar This is where you can select an address, city or point of interest to navigate. This is useful because it dims garkin the brightness of the screen that can be distracting while driving at night.

Resume Route Allows you to resume your route if you stop navigating.

Garmin GPS 18 USB With Nroute Navigation Software

This feature is easily accessible by tapping the space bar. You cannot download information from your GPS into nRoute, with the exception of the track data it records while connected to nRoute. The icon is a right hand arrow. It will keep a track log, but will not autoroute for you with these units.

All three use binoculars as the icon, with small variations depending on which option you want. The name “G” is not a u-blox product name.


You can also create new trips and save the data after the trip with its own name. It seems quite clear and easy to understand.

Find Options There are three find options, including find by name, find nearest and recently found places. As seen in other forum threads, you should also research thoroughly before a purchase –check out the integrity of the source distributor of leftover stock from unnamed manufacturers or registered reputable source of u-blox products and the provenance of the product who built the board, is the u-blox module real, etc.

It will mark your current location as a waypoint. View Toolbar In addition to the zoom buttons for the map, there are three other new options: The find option allows for City, Address, Feature Points of Interest along with intersection and waypoint. Vessel Visible This feature includes a toolbar button, the red triangle.

USB Device not recognised.